PR is a booming industry, enjoying year-on-year growth that has driven the demand for new skills and accreditation that sets individuals apart. As part of its commitment to this and raising standards within the PR and communications sphere, ICCO has developed an online qualification framework helping to reach a wide audience from those who are starting out in their careers through to seasoned practitioners across the world.

The ICCO Global Diploma in PR and Communications is a first of its kind, using our worldwide knowledge and expertise to strengthen and sustain ethics within the industry, whilst helping to advance one’s career at an international level. This qualification will give you that advantage as well as tools to enhance your career as specialisms within the industry transform and the industry continues to develop.


This training programme has been developed using courses from the Public Relations and Communications Association (PRCA) based in the UK. There are 25 courses to choose from, across a range of key disciplines.

It is a 18 month online qualification based on a number of PRCA accredited training courses. There are 6 modules centred on a particular skill. A delegate must complete at least one course within each module.

The qualification is based on a points system with each diploma being worth 150 points and each course 10 points. Delegates must complete at least one course within each skill to pass and gain 100 points at the end of the course.

The courses are:

* All online and easily accessible 

* Interactive, concise and convenient

* Varied with a range of skills and subjects to choose from 

* Run by industry leaders with extensive breadth of knowledge and all have run their own consultancies or are thought leaders in their own field




Ethics in PR – COMPULSORY 10
Measuring and Evaluating PR Campaigns 10
Understanding Finance 10
Influencer Relations 10
Paid Media 10
Introduction to Public Affairs 10
Procurement: What consultancies need to know 10
Pitching to Win New Business Online 10
Getting to grips with grammar 10
Introduction to Writing for Public Relations 10
Creating and Curating Compelling Content for Social Media 10
Producing Engaging Content in Public Sector Communications 10
Harnessing the Power of Twitter for PR 10
Facebook for PR and Communications 10
Harnessing the Power of Instagram & Snapchat for PR Campaigns 10
Digital Landscape for PR 10
How to Create and Effective Blog 10
Generating sales with social media 10
How does SEO work? 10
Social media metrics 10
Using video in Social Media for PR 10
How To Manage Your Time and Workload More Effectively 10
Climbing the PR Career Ladder 10
Crisis PR and Communications in a Digital World 10
Crisis Management 10


Upon completion of 150 points there is a final essay where delegates have the opportunity to apply what they have learnt to an area of personal PR interest. This piece of advanced academic study would enable students to embark on a truly international PR career.


To find out more information or to enrol in the qualification, please contact: +44 20 7233 6026 or training@iccopr.com.