Find below the Members of ICCO.


Company name: ABRACOM
Address: Rua Eugênio de Medeiros, 242 – 3rd floor (Room 12) – Pinheiros, São Paulo, SP – CEP: 05425-900
Telephone / Fax: (11) 3079-6839

Abracom was created in order to disseminate operational and professional parameters for the corporate and business communication segment, in its relations with customers, suppliers, representative entities, government and communities. The entity also seeks to reinforce the participation of communication agencies in the private market and to expand its presence in the public sector.


Company name: ADC
Email Address:

About ADC:

The Association of Communication Consultants, ADC, was founded in 1991 sponsored by a group of professionals, representatives of the main consulting companies in Public Relations in Spain, with the aim of spreading the practice of Communication and Relations Consulting Public in our country.

ADC, an independent non-profit organization and employer representative of the sector, integrates many of the main consulting companies in Public Relations and Communication and its mission is to promote the practice of the profession in our country, defending the interests of the sector and achieving recognition of its high strategic value for organizations.


Company name: APECOM
Address: Hermano Neves 18, floor 3, and 7, 1600-477, Lisboa
Email address:
Contact: +351 91 307 2086


APECOM – Portuguese Association of Advisory Companies in Communication and Public Relations, founded in 1989, is the Portuguese business association that represents the sector of communication and public relations consultancy companies in Portugal. Currently, this association comprises 24 companies that are responsible for around 70% of the sector’s turnover and employment. Among its main objectives, it stands out the defense and promotion of the interests of its member agencies, as companies dedicated to advising on communication, image and public relations, as well as their representation before public or private entities, national or foreign and support for sustained market development.

APECOM’s mission is also to promote the exchange and new knowledge within the sector, the dignity of its members and their activity inside and outside the country, as well as the promotion of professional training actions, congresses, seminars and sector studies, among others. others.


Company name: APRA
Address: 1/3 Buzand Str., 5th floor Yerevan, Armenia
Phone: +37410 520228

About APRA:

Armenian Public Relations Association recognizes and prioritizes the importance of introducing commonly accepted standards of public relations practice in Armenia. Obviously those standards vary from country to country, influenced by local traditions, however with the rapid increase in efficient, almost instantaneous world communications, the need for a common acceptable code becomes even more pressing.

Armenian Public Relations Association sees its duty in ensuring that the citizens, wherever they may be, are given the standard of service, rights and protection that justice and ethical public relations demand. Armenian Public Relations Association is cooperating with the local and international public organizations, Government Agencies and private sector as well as Mass Media resources for the implementation of projects directed to the formation of Open Communicative Society in Armenia, ensuring maximum effectiveness, and high ethics of informational campaigns carried out by public institutions.


Company name: APRA
Address: Na Poříčí 12, 110 00 Prague 1
Phone: +420 775 351 034

About APRA:

APRA (Asociace public relations, z. s. / Association of Public Relations, cz) is a voluntary association of PR agencies and PR teams of companies and organizations operating in the Czech Republic.

APRA was established as a professional association with the primary mission to present the field of PR to the public, to help support business activities of agencies in all aspects, to promote best practices, to create space for industry dialogue and to improve the general perception of PR work.


Company name: APRSR
Address: APRSR, Jana Simekova, Sustekova 5, 851 04 Bratislava
Email address:
Contact: +421 903 78 30 78

About APRSR:
The Association of Public Relations of the Slovak Republic (APRSR) is a civic association of legal entities operating in the field of PR operating in the Slovak Republic. The aim of APRSR is to contribute to the development of public relations in Slovakia, to represent the interests of its members, to educate the professional public and clients, to cultivate the services provided by the PR agencies themselves and to strengthen the position of this sector in the communication services market.


Company name: ARRP
Address: blvd. Dinicu Golescu no. 31 ap. 40, sector 1 Bucharest, 010866 B
Email address:

About ARRP:

Founded in 1995, the Romanian Association for Public Relations was created to make the family of communicators in Romania stronger. Today, it brings together both reputable specialists, who laid the foundations of this profession in Romania, as well as young professionals, who are at the beginning of their career. Since 2012, the Association has expanded its scope, inviting not only individual communicators, but also companies and communication departments from companies and institutions, starting from the belief that this way its strength will increase and the interests of the communicators will be served. better.


Company Name: ASSOREL
Address: Piazza Piola, 5, 20131 Milan – ITALY
Email address:
Contact: +39 0270100704


Assorel is a PR and non-profit association with the following aims:
· To spread the culture of Communication and Public Business Relations in technological evolution in the .2.0 era, by actively participating in the processes underway in sector.
· To be a benchmark and professional orientation for all stakeholders in the institutional and market contexts.
· Become the voice for instances of affiliated companies in Institutions, Entities, National and International Associations.


Company name: BAPRA
Address: 57, Tzar Simeon Str. 1000, Sofia, Bulgaria
Email address:
Contact: +359 (2) 981 56 84

About BAPRA:

The Bulgarian PR association (BAPRA) objectives are to support and strength PR as an activity, working in favour of the modern society development. It is realised through developing common platform to exchange the best practices, as well as through increasing and maintaining high ethical standards of the profession and through coordinating efforts for PR development in Bulgaria.

BAPRA aspires to improve partnership between PR business and the state, even more to build relations with local authorities in Bulgaria, academic circles, business, civil organizations and media. BAPRA aims to promote quality and ethical standards guaranteed through self regulation, regarding to transparent, respectable and socially responsible PR business in Bulgaria. BAPRA represents its members in front of the Bulgarian, foreign and international institutions and organizations, and protects their rights and interests.


Company name: The Canadian Council of Public Relations Firms
Email Address:

About CCPRF:

The Canadian Council of Public Relations Firms (CCPRF) is a national organization of leading public relations consulting firms operating in Canada. The CCPRF is dedicated to promoting the role of public relations in business strategy and organizational development and performance.

Comprising the senior leadership of Canada’s public relations industry, the goal of the Council is to promote the high value, professionalism and development of public relations consulting and provide leadership in areas that influence industry growth and performance.


Company name: GPRA
Address: GPRA e. V., Klara Koss, Bertolt-Brecht-Platz 3
10117 Berlin, Germany

About GPRA:

The GPRA is an association of Germany’s leading communications agencies with PR backgrounds. The GPRA was established in 1974 and is based in Berlin. It sets standards in the communications industry by way of strict admission criteria and exacting requirements, and promotes the exchange between its members and opinion leaders.

The GPRA represents 34 agencies with circa 2.800 employees and a market share of almost 50 percent. All member agencies have committed themselves to high quality standards that are regularly monitored.


Company name: The Croatian Public Relations Association (HUOJ)
Address: Ilica 5 (Oktogon, V. stube), 10000 Zagreb, Croatia

About HUOJ:

The Croatian Public Relations Association (HUOJ) is a professional association that brings together public relations experts and other communication professionals to educate, train and inform its members, and to improve the standards of the public relations profession and its reputation among the general public and among key audiences.

Established in 1994, HUOJ is the only public relations professional association in the Republic of Croatia and has implemented a number of projects, the most important being the Communication Conference , Grand PRix and Carpe Diem, and the CSOJ – certification of public relations professionals .


Contact Name: : Catherine Purgly
Address: Catherine Purgly, Weinbergstrasse 148, 8006 Zurich
Phone Number: +41 44 443 444 48 18

About LSA

LEADING SWISS AGENCIES is the central hub for leading communications agencies in Switzerland. The association supports its member agencies in strengthening their leading position in the market and further optimising the added value offered to clients, employees and consumers, and works with them to shape and significantly advance the Swiss communications landscape over the long term. You can find more information at


Company name: MPRSZ

About MTL:

In the term of the presidency that began in 2019, the main goal of the Hungarian Public Relations Association is to develop the recognition of the PR profession among other professions and corporate decision-makers, an essential condition of which is to strengthen professional quality and define ethical standards. We also try to provide services that meet the needs of the market to corporate, agency and individual members, which includes the provision of trainings, trainings, professional materials, horizontal cooperation opportunities. We try to provide information and news about our programs and membership topics on our online interfaces, but if you do not find any information on our site, please contact us.

Marketing Finland

Company name: Marketing Finland
Address: Yrjönkatu 16, 00120 Helsinki, Finland

About Marketing Finland:

Marketing Finland is the association in Finland representing advertisers as well as agencies and consultancies offering services in PR, communications and marketing.


Company name: Polish Public Relations Consultancies Association (ZFPR)
Address: ul. Czerska 8/10 00-732 Warsaw, Poland


The Polish Public Relations Consultancies Association was established in 2001 to represent the professional PR industry in Poland. Members include tens of leading agencies specializing in public relations services.

PPRCA goals:

  • Protect member rights and interests,
  • Represent members before official bodies and institutions,
  • Assure the highest ethical and professional standards based on the Code of Good Practices and ICCO ethical standards,
  • Reinforce the role of public relations specialists and the proper perception of that role,
  • Build professional dialogue between the PR industry and media,
  • Research significant industry phenomena, create training and educational programs to improve professional qualifications and develop professional skills.


Company name: PRCA
Address: PRCA, 82 Great Suffolk Street, London, SE1 0BE
Email address:

About PRCA:

The Public Relations and Communications Association (PRCA) is the world’s largest professional PR body.

We represent more than 35,000 PR professionals in 70 countries worldwide. With offices in London, Singapore, Dubai, and Buenos Aires, we are a global advocate for excellence in public relations.

Our mission is to create a more professional, ethical, and prosperous PR industry. We champion – and enforce – professional standards in the UK and overseas through our Professional Charter and Code of Conduct. The Code compels members to adhere to the highest standards of ethical practice.

PRCA Africa

Company name: PRCA Africa
Email address:

About PRCA Africa:

The Public Relations and Communications Association Africa (PRCA Africa) was launched in May 2021 with the aim of raising standards in PR and communications. and provides members with industry data, facilitates the sharing of communications best practice, and creates networking opportunities.

Working alongside ICCO, PRCA Africa provides an international framework within which its members can develop global networks and new business referrals.


Company name: PRCA Americas
Email address:


The PRCA was founded in London in 1969 and launched PRCA Americas in 2020 with the aim of raising standards in PR and communications.

Working throughout the Americas, the association exists to facilitate international connections, create growth opportunities, and provide industry data. All PRCA members are bound by a Professional Charter and Codes of Conduct and can benefit from exceptional training.

The Association also works for the greater benefit of the industry by lobbying on the industry’s behalf. Working alongside ICCO, PRCA Amercas provides an international framework within which its members can develop global networks and new business referrals.


Company name: PRCA APAC
Email address: or


The Public Relations and Communications Association Asia Pacific (PRCA APAC) was launched in September 2018 with the aim of raising standards in PR and communications. With over 40 members in the Southeast Asia region and more further afield, PRCA SEA rebranded itself in 2021 to PRCA APAC and provides members with industry data, facilitates the sharing of communications best practice, and creates networking opportunities.

Working alongside ICCO, PRCA APAC provides an international framework within which its members can develop global networks and new business referrals.


Company name: Public Relations Consultants Association of India
Address: D 1003 Wembley Premium Towers, Rosewood City, Gurgaon Sohna Road, Sector-49, Gurgaon 122 009, Haryana, India.

About PRCAI:

The PRCAI is a trade association that represents India’s public relations consultancy sector while providing a forum for Government, public bodies, industry associations, trade and others to confer with public relations consultants as a body.


Company name: PRCA Ireland
Address: Public Relations Consultants Association of Ireland, 84 Merrion Square, Dublin

About PRCA (Ireland)

The Public Relations Consultants Association (Ireland) represents the interests of the top PR consultancies operating in this country. Established in 1989, it provides a forum for members to communicate with each other, as well as with government and other public bodies and associations. It also aims to represent the Irish PR sector in the media and internationally.


Company name: PRCA MENA

The PRCA was founded in London in 1969 and launched PRCA MENA in 2016 with the aim of raising standards in PR and communications.
The association exists to provide members with industry data, facilitate the sharing of best practice, and create networking opportunities.

All PRCA members are bound by a Professional Charter and Codes of Conduct and can benefit from exceptional training. The Association also works for the greater benefit of the industry by lobbying on the industry’s behalf. Working alongside ICCO, PRCA MENA provides an international framework within which its members can develop global networks and new business referrals.


Company name: PRECIS – The Public Relations Consultancies in Sweden
Address: P.O. Box 55525, S-10204 Stockholm, Sweden
Contact:+46 8762 6831


PRECIS is the Swedish association for consulting companies specialized in consulting and implementation in Public Relations. The association represents the members’ common interests by emphasizing the value of Public Relations to achieve the business goals of companies and organizations, to promote increased knowledge of the industry and to nurture and make visible the common industry standards and serve as a quality mark for the members.


Company name: PRIA
Address: Suite 1, Level 1, 44 Bridge Street, Sydney NSW 2000
Contact: 1800 265 285

About PRIA:

The Public Relations Institute of Australia (PRIA) is the national industry body for public relations and communication professionals in Australia. PRIA represents and provides professional support and recognition to practitioners and consultants nationwide.

Since 1949, it’s been PRIA’s role to promote and enhance the profession and its status to the broader community. PRIA enforces the highest standards of ethical practice and represent public relations practitioners in the best interests of the profession.


Company name: PRVA
Address: Public Relations Association Austria, Lothringerstrasse 12 / 4th floor, 1030 Vienna
Contact: +43 (0) 1 715 15 40

About PRVA:

The Public Relations Association Austria is the independent, voluntary association of communication experts in companies, agencies and organizations.

As an active professional representative, the PRVA has set itself the goal of professionalizing the professional field and its further development. At the same time, the PRVA wants to ensure a high quality standard and offers a wide range of training and further education opportunities, often in cooperation with educational institutions and universities.


Company name: The Public Relations Consultants Association of, Nigeria 
PRCAN Secretariat c/o Chain Reactions, 72A Oduduwa Way, Ikeja, GRA Lagos, Nigeria.


The Public Relations Consultants Association of Nigeria (PRCAN), is a trade sectoral group for the public relations industry in Nigeria. Founded in 1984, PRCAN aggregates and articulates the interest of member firms and works to uphold best practice in public relations in Nigeria in the areas of standards, conduct as well as economic well-being for the public relations industry generally and public relations consulting in particular for the benefit of all stakeholders.


Company name: PRISA
Contact name: Annah Jordan
Address: 54 Queens Road, Bryanston

About PRISA:

Established in 1957, the Public Relations Institute of Southern Africa (PRISA) represents professionals in public relations and communication management throughout the southern African region and has registered practitioners in Botswana, Namibia, Lesotho, Swaziland and South Africa.


Company name: Syntec Conseil en Relation Publics 

About SCRP:

Founded in 1988, Syntec Conseil en Relation Publics represents the public relations consulting profession in Fédération SYNTEC, an industry federation representing 910,000 employees in 80,000 companies specialised in engineering, IT, surveys, studies, consulting and professional training.


Company name: UNA PR HUB
Address: Via della Moscova, 40 20121 Milan
Contact: 02 /
Email address:


We are public relations professionals, who take care of the communication strategy alongside managers, entrepreneurs and institutional references: a virtuous and dynamic network, able to affirm the ethical, social and strategic value of our work.

Within UNA PR Hub, one’s patrimony is everyone’s patrimony, because the individualistic concept of competition on the market is an outdated concept: today “competing” means going forward together , grow and create new opportunities, in Italy and worldwide.