Global Women in PR Gender Pay Gap Survey

Thursday September 29th 2016 – Leading international networking group GWPR (Global Women in PR) revealed today at the ICCO Global Summit, the results from their very first gender pay gap survey of men and women working in the Global PR industry. Data collected from 12 countries worldwide revealed a staggering £12,600 pay gap between the salaries of men and women.

The survey also provided an important insight into work/life balance and working practices, that might provide a clue as to why more women are not better represented at the top of a profession where they make up the majority of the workforce.

The survey, conducted by leading research company OnePoll on behalf of GWPR, revealed an average global PR salary of £57,200, with men earning on average 19% more at £67,600 compared to women at £55,000. Whilst salaries are very similar at a junior level in PR; when it comes to more senior roles it is a very different picture. For example, a male in-house Board PR Director earns an average salary of £110,000, compared to his female equivalent on £97,000 – a £13,000 pay gap.

The survey also showed that more than a third of men (36%) working in PR agencies are at board director level, compared to only 16% of women who have broken through the glass ceiling.

When considering asking for a promotion or pay rise, 21% of men were very confident in doing so, unlike women (10%). Further gender differences surrounded balancing childcare and work commitments. This was described as more challenging by women (78%) than men (58%). The sharing of domestic chores was fairly evenly split with 47% claiming to divide the chores, although 41% of the women surveyed believed they did more than half.

In today’s connected world one of the most surprising facts to emerge was the lack of opportunity to work from home. 70% were not allowed to work from home on a weekly basis, with 15% never allowed to do this. The average working week for a PR is 45 hours and an encouraging two-thirds believe they have a good work-life balance.

Commenting on the survey findings GWPR Co-Founders Angela Oakes and Susan Hardwick said: “The findings revealed a much higher pay gap than perhaps anticipated and considering the world in which we now operate, with 24hour access to technology, it is hard to see why there cannot be more flexibility in the workplace.

“Flexibility is very important, but so too is looking at the skill sets that women need to help them reach the top. Business training and tackling confidence issues are two key areas worthy of attention. Retaining talented women so that the boardroom has a better gender balance makes sound business sense. As many studies have shown – a balanced boardroom improves business performance.

“Current working practices have not led to any significant changes in the gender pay gap over the past decade and Deloitte’s report revealed last week that if things continue on the current path ‘Women will not be earning the same as men until 2069!’ We don’t think we can wait that long…..we need to act now to make the necessary changes.”

Francis Ingham, Director General of the PRCA and CEO of ICCO announced an important initiative last month that includes gender pay gap reporting in its kitemark accreditation for UK consultancies for the first time – this should be a global initiative.

About ICCO
The International Communications Consultancy Organisation (ICCO) is the voice of public relations consultancies around the world. The ICCO membership comprises national trade associations in 48 countries across the globe in Europe, Africa, Asia, the Middle East, the Americas and Australia. Collectively, these associations represent some 2,500 PR firms.

Oxford summit to focus on the PR consultancy of the future

The Global ICCO PR Summit takes place later this month (29 & 30 September) in Oxford, UK.

The event theme focuses on “creating the consultancy of the future”, with a particular emphasis on talent, inspiration and innovation. International industry leaders presenting at the event include Karen van Bergen, CEO, Omnicom Public Relations Group; Michelle Hutton, COO, Edelman Europe, Scott Kronick, President & CEO, Ogilvy PR Asia Pacific; Alex Aiken, Executive Director, Government Communications – UK Government; Ian Pearman, CEO, AMV BBDO; Pascal Beucler, Chief Strategy Officer, MSLGROUP; and Andres Wittermann, Executive Vice President EMEA & APAC, LEWIS.

The conference will also see the launch of the much anticipated World PR Report 2016 which has been produced by ICCO and PRWeek.

Registration details and the full line-up are available on the ICCO Summit website.

ICCO Chief Executive Francis Ingham said: “If you work in PR and communications, then you need to be in Oxford on September 29th and 30th. We’ll have some of the industry’s biggest names there, drawn from right around the world, giving their analysis of where we now, and where we will be in the future. The ICCO summit is the pinnacle of the PR and comms conference season – if you’re serious about your profession, you’ll be there.”

Content marketing platform Passle is the event’s headline sponsor, and will be running a panel session discussing what brands, including the personal brands of staff, say about  agencies.

Passle co-founder Tom Elgar said: “We are delighted to sponsor the ICCO global summit. As the voice of public relations consultancies around the world the ICCO summit is the ideal place for Passle to showcase its platform that enables busy experts to demonstrate their knowledge and experience online. By creating timely, authentic commentary on news and trends Passle makes it easy for PR experts provide industry-leading analysis for their clients, prospects, employees and stakeholders.”

Previously the summit has been held in cities including Milan, New Delhi and Paris, and is the major annual event of the International Communications Consultancy Organisation (ICCO).

The event will take place at Macdonald Randolph Hotel, Oxford and will be co-chaired by David Gallagher of Omnicom, Nitin Mantri of Avian Media (India) and Andrey Barannikov, CEO, SPN Communications (Russia). It is also sponsored by Paprika, Capstone Hill Search, ePressPack, Conversis, Gorkana, Avian Media, Porter Novelli, 72 Point and OnePoll.

For more information on attendance and sponsorship, please contact Charlene Corrin, General Manager, ICCO:

Giuliano Pisapia, The Mayor of Milan will open the ICCO Summit

Giuliano Pisapia, Mayor of Milan, invited by Assorel, will be the first speaker at ‘ICCO Global Summit “Food for thought: a PR perspective”, to be held for the first time in Italy, at Milan, on 8th and 9th October 2015.
ICCO – International Communications Consultancy Organisation, including the PR Associations dedicated solely to Public Relations from 31 countries is represented in Italy by Assorel, which was also one of the founding members in 1990, expressing the first President, Guido Bellodi.
Giuliano Pisapia’s speech will have a special significance as it follows the growing success of EXPO2015; the choice of Milan as venue of EXPO2015 was one of the determining factors for deciding to organize in our city this important international Public Relations conference.
“We are honored of the presence of the Mayor of Milan, who accepted the invitation to open ICCO Summit – said Alessandro Pavesi, Assorel President – he represents an institutional participation which strengthens the presence of the city of Milan within an important international event”.
Milan, october 1st, 2015
ASSOREL is the Italian Association of PR Agencies, founded in 1982, is member of Confindustria Intellect and ICCO – International Communications Consultancy Organisation.

For more information:
Phone ++39 02.70100704 Press Office:

PR As A Force For Global Competitiveness? #agencypublisher

Written by: David Gallagher

So today the World Economic Forum released its 2015-2016 Global Competitiveness Report – billed as the most comprehensive analysis of economic competitiveness among 140 countries and, in my opinion, a pretty good indicator of where it’s good to do business today.

And next week, ICCO will publish in conjunction with the Holmes Report the 2015 Global PR Report – the only analysis of its kind looking at the PR agency business across 30 or so markets.


Well, yes. There’s no relationship at all between the two reports, their design or their conclusions, for that matter.

But there may be a pattern emerging between the two that’s worth considering. All ten of the most competitive economies overall (Switzerland, Singapore, US, Germany, Netherlands, Japan, Hong Kong, Finland, Sweden and the UK) also have well-established and generally growing PR consulting industries.

I’m not suggesting there’s a causal relationship, but it’s not too far of a stretch to imagine economies conducive to competition are also conducive to PR consultancy, and vice versa.

Dubious?  Consider the factors needed for PR consultancy to be effective and valuable (yes, some may be relative):

– freedom of speech and independent media

– democratic institutions of government

– market competition

– digital infrastructure

– engaged citizenry / consumers

– global / international trade

– rule of law

– creative talent

Or looking at the other end of the spectrum, it’s hard to see PR thriving in the least competitive markets.

In any case, it’s food for thought.

I’ll look forward to your views or at next week’s ICCO Global Summit in Milan.

David is president of the International Communications Consultancy Organisation and will chair its annual summit in Milan, 7-9 October in Milan

PR Agencies Are Changing – And Not A Moment Too Soon

Written by: David Gallagher


Senior Partner/CEO Ketchum Europe
President, ICCO

One of the benefits of volunteering time to be active in industry associations like ICCO is the opportunity to learn from colleagues, thought-leaders and even competitors on what’s going on outside your own agency, and in conversations with smart innovators from the world, there’s a consistent theme: change.

Few of the leaders in the PR business I’ve met over the past year doubt that the agency world is undergoing significant transformation, and most would agree these changes are coming just in the nick of time.  Our business is no less vulnerable to the disruption we’ve seen in other industries – music, travel or, of course, the media – and the best agencies have plenty to teach us all when it comes to providing better service, developing stronger talent and building more resilient business models.

A few of the ways they’re changing (and what we can learn):

  1. Media relations – part of what marketers might assign to the ‘earned’ component of their channel mix (paid, earned, shared/social and owned) – is as valuable as ever. It’s a true differentiator against others that might specialise in advertising or website development for example.  But to survive in an integrated world, the strongest agencies are building their own capabilities to amplify content through paid channels, develop social media strategies and produce content that works across all channels.
  1. Leveraged teams – led by senior (and expensive) experts and supported by less experienced (and less expensive) layers of juniors still has a place in procurement-driven engagements. But this place may be shrinking as clients look for new areas of specialist skill, new ways of pricing work and new expectations for the actual results of an agency engagement.  Some agencies are finding success with more ‘liquid’ teams and flexible structures to accommodate changing client expectations and budgets.
  1. The boundaries between ‘independent’ and ‘network’ offerings are blurring. There are advantages to both, but many independent agencies are building their own networks of like-minded consultancies to provide expertise and reach wherever their clients need it, while many network agencies are developing their own ‘boutique’ offers and specialist services to offer widely to clients of all sizes.
  1. The talent coming into PR is stronger than ever – we need to nurture it. Most markets report greater numbers of stronger applicants entering the agency business than ever before – welcome news for business models that rely almost entirely on human brain-power.  Once in, however, great hires are not always easy to hold, with many lured into corporate assignments or other industries.  Great agencies learn how to anticipate and meet the needs of the ‘millennial’ generation for more sustainable, dynamic teams.
  1. Data, analytics and measurement are finally here.  Really. One of the most discussed but least-realised topics in PR has been the need for stronger research and robust measurement.   We have all discussed, agreed and, mostly, ignored.  No longer.  The most innovative agencies see that easily accessible data, simple analytics and a client orientation to proven results can offer a competitive advantage, which they are putting to work.

Another great thing about being active in local, national or international industry organisations like ICCO is the opportunity to meet the people leading the way in these areas, and hearing first hand of their successes in ways you can apply to your agency and your own career.

I know – I have had the pleasure to meet and learn from the best, from my own agency and our fiercest competitors.

And now you can too – at the global ICCO summit in Milan this October. If any of these topics are vexing you and your teams (or if you have successful solution to share), you won’t have a better opportunity to interact with our industry’s leading thinkers and problem solvers than this one-of-a-kind conference.

ICCO Global Summit 2015: Click here to register today!

About ICCO

The International Communications Consultancy Organisation (ICCO) is the voice of public relations consultancies around the world. The ICCO membership comprises national trade associations in 31 countries across the globe in Europe, Africa, Asia, the Americas and Australasia. Collectively, these associations represent over 2,000 PR firms.

Contact Binta Kristin Hammerich, ICCO Global General Manager


ICCO supports Sofia PR Summit 2015

Outstanding international and local keynote speakers joined the second edition of the regional PR forum.

The key topic of the forum was „The power of the storytelling in business“

For a second year in a row Bulgarian Association of PR Agencies (BAPRA) organized the regional PR forum – Sofia PR Summit. Outstanding international and local keynote speakers joined the second edition of the regional PR forum Sofia PR Summit. The key topic of the forum was „The power of the storytelling in business“.  Sofia PR Summit 2015 was held on April 29, in hall Serdika, Hotel Park Inn.

Sofia PR Summit 2015 gathered outstanding speakers and selected professional audience from Bulgaria and Europe. During the forum were discussed and were presented the latest trends in the field of professional communications, and especially how to be successful using storytelling as a business tool. Dedicated experts with international experience shared different points of views and insights about this great communication tool and the best practices for creating engaging user experience and interaction.

Speakers were:

Diplomatic art of Story Telling in Communication by Zehra Güngör, PhD – President of the International Public Relations Association (IPRA) for 2014. Chairwoman of the international jury committee of BAPRA Bright Awards 2015;

International Communications Consultancy Organisation (ICCO): The voice of Public Relations around the world by Binta Kristin Hammerich, ICCO Global General Manager and Maxim Behar, ICCO Vice President & CEO and Chairman of M3 Communication Group, Inc.

The Power of Visual Stories by Lilyana Zagorcheva – Managing a studio for creation and distribution of infographics and motiongraphics – Infograffiti and highly experienced PR professional;

How will storytelling impact your reputation by Christophe Ginisty – International public relations guru and a specialist of social media;

Stories for the unfortunate 500 million by Damjan Obal – Founder of Edgar, user experience designer with a PhD in computer science and deep passion for brand stories.


ICCO General Manager Binta Kristin Hammercich and ICCO Vice President Maxim Behar


Nikolay Nedelchev Publicis Groupe Bulgaria

From the left: Nikolay Nedelchev - Publicis Groupe Bulgaria, DENITSA SATCHEVA - BAPRA Chairman, Maxim Behar - CEO M3 Communciations & ICCO Vice President, Binta Kristin Hammerich - ICCO General Manager and ALEXANDER DOURCHEV ALL CHANNELS COMMUNICATION GROUP

From the left: Nikolay Nedelchev – Publicis Groupe Bulgaria, Denitsa Satcheva – BAPRA Chairman, Maxim Behar – CEO M3 Communciations & ICCO Vice President, Binta Kristin Hammerich – ICCO General Manager and Alexsander Dourchev – All Channels Communications Group 

For more information, please send an e-mail at:


Sofia PR Summit

Sofia PR Summit is a regional PR forum that Bulgarian Association of PR Agencies (BAPRA) organizes for the first time within the 5th anniversary edition of the annual PR contest BAPRA Bright Awards in 2014. Sofia PR Summit as a platform which provides opportunities for discussion and validates new tendencies and strategies in the PR industry in Eastern Europe and the Balkans. Sofia PR Summit offers great opportunities for effective business networking to all participants. The first edition of Sofia PR Summit gathered outstanding PR and communication experts from Bulgaria, Serbia, Austria and Belgium that shared best practices, ideas and insights. In front of selected professional audience were discussed key trends in the modern corporate communications.


Bulgarian Association of PR Agencies (BAPRA) is established in 2001 as an independent non-profit organization   to support and strength PR as an activity, working in favor of the modern society development. BAPRA aspires to improve partnership between PR business and the state, even more to build relations with local authorities in Bulgaria, academic circles, business,  civil  organizations and media. BAPRA aims to promote quality and ethical standards guaranteed through self regulation, regarding to transparent, respectable and socially responsible PR business in Bulgaria. BAPRA is the voice of the Bulgarian PR business.


ICCO Global Summit 2022

Thank you for showing interest in the 2022 ICCO Global Summit. For all available details on the event please visit