Periodically ICCO commissions research on industry topics of interest to our members. Some of this is available to the public while other items are reserved for distribution through our membership base.
ICCO has secured a partnership with a professional polling company Question & Retain to update the Quarterly Barometer. The new ICCO PulseCheck is easier to complete and have been distributed to the members of national Boards of Management directly to increase the participation rate.

ICCO Global Summit, Oxford 2016 – Pulse Check

ICCO – State of the Market Pulse Check™ Results – November 2015

ICCO Global Summit, Milan 2015 – Pulse Check

question and retain

About Question and Retain

At Q&R we have years of experience working with some of the world’s leading companies like Skype, Orange & Grant Thornton and a number of communication agencies such as Waggener Edstrom and Bite Global. That has taught us the power of asking the right questions, at the right time – and helped us change the way organisations measure and manage their conversations with customers, stakeholders and internal audiences. This includes measuring satisfaction, behaviour changes, relationship dynamics or simply helping our clients increase sales. It’s called a Pulse Check™ and what it does is, it initiates a really valuable conversation.

About the Pulse Check™

Nobody likes slow, boring surveys. So once we’ve helped you work out exactly the right questions to ask we add them in, one at a time, using Q&R’s specially-developed software. It’s called a Pulse Check™. People answer with one click, then add a comment if they want to. (And they usually do – in fact, this is often where our most useful data comes from.) Research shows this is simply the fastest, simplest and most accurate way of getting clear and honest answers, fast. Our response rates speak for themselves. Our Pulse Check™ is totally secure and we can customise it with our templates or your own visual identity. We’ll build your very own question and mailout planner; provide live updates and configure the results in a clear, easily-distributed visual format.

How we work

So you’ve worked out the right questions. You’ve got the real answers, updated live and clearly summarised in a visually pleasing report. Most survey companies would call that a job well done. But we like to do things a little differently at Q&R, so we don’t stop there.

Using our extensive consulting experience, we’ll sit down with you and accurately interpret the data. We can help you formulate the right actions, responses and feedback to reach your objectives in customer satisfaction, employee engagement or good old-fashioned sales.

We’ll make sure you’re asking the right questions and hearing the real answers. And we’ll make sure you’re reading them the most useful and actionable way – hearing all the positives without ducking any negatives. Because the more you know, the more you can grow.