ICCO begins ‘PR professionals for reliable Covid-19 vaccine information’ initiative

ICCO is collaborating with the European Medicines Agency (EMA) to support promotion of reliable information on Covid-19 immunisation and address false or misleading messages.

Covid-19 has led to a parallel pandemic of disinformation that directly impacts lives and livelihoods around the world and communications professionals have a responsibility to drive people towards reliable sources of information such as EMA’s website and official channels on Twitter and LinkedIn.

There is also an obligation to educate against unreliable, unsolicited sources or falsehoods commonly spread through social media and instant messaging. ICCO encourages PR professionals to use these tools to ‘stop the spread’.

Massimo Moriconi, ICCO European President said:

“ICCO members have a dual responsibility in this ‘infodemic’, first to promote and support reliable sources of information. If our members can join us in amplifying the messages, latest news and facts from credible, scientific institutions then this is something we must do. ICCO has agreed with the European Medicines Agency to offer our support and this is the first stage of our collaboration. The next stage will be more practical communications.

The second responsibility PR professionals have in this ‘infodemic’ is to identify and report false information, not just to each other but through dedicated channels set up by the World Health Organisation. We aim to direct more members to these vitally important resources and encourage PR professionals to make reporting misinformation a regular habit”.

Melanie Carr, Head of Stakeholders and Communication Division, European Medicines Agency said:

“We welcome the support of ICCO and their members in disseminating the latest scientific information of Covid-19 vaccines. It is important for PR professionals and media to use up-to-date, reliable, accurate sources of information in their work”

To show support for this initiative, members can use the ‘Support Reliable Vaccination Communication’ digital card. For more information please visit: https://iccopr.com/vaccination-communication/