Promoting Reliable Information Sources

Covid-19 vaccination roll out has been classed as an ‘disinfodemic’ and communications professionals have a responsibility to drive people towards reliable sources of information and warn against unreliable, unsolicited sources or falsehoods commonly spread through social media and instant messaging.

Through direct contact with international independent health institution the European Medicines Agency, ICCO recommends that our members use and promote the following sources of information:

Vaccines and treatments authorised for COVID-19

Three tiers of information:

Public-health advice during COVID-19 pandemic

Follow EMA’s official channels on Twitter and LinkedIn for more updates

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Communicating With Compassion

In addition to the urgent need to communicate on grounds of facts, science, and accuracy, is the need to communicate with empathy and compassion. ICCO endorses the IPR research into vaccine communication and the following guide gives simple tips to engage audiences on this topic.

View IPR Communicator’s Guide to Vaccine Communication

World Health Organisation Myth Busting, Misinformation Reporting and Reliable Sources

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