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ICCO works to raise professional and ethical standards of the public relations industry internationally. Progress and positive action in ethical PR practice on a global scale is best achieved through collaboratively, and so the 40 national and regional associations within ICCO have come together to create ten binding principles in the Helsinki Declaration, and to champion the #PowerofEthics, challenging communications consultancies and PR professionals to walk the talk.

#POWERofETHICS Campaign: 3rd September – 10th October 2019

ICCO members are uniting in urging agencies large and small and professionals from all manor of PR backgrounds to #WalktheTalk and to recognise the #PowerofEthics in PR across 66 countries around the world. One year since the Bell Pottinger expulsion from PRCA on 4th September 2017 caused shockwaves throughout the profession, ICCO association members are collectively uniting around a campaign that will reinforce the high standards PR practitioners should abide by and educate those outside the profession of the power of PR to bolster ethical principles across all various sectors and cultures.

The Message from the Global PR Industry

1. High ethical standards are critical for PR agencies, we rely on truth, facts, statistics and most importantly trust. Let’s educate other professionals on what those standards are and how best to apply them practically, live by them and embed them into agency culture and our working lives.

2. PR is a powerful ethical tool. Ethics needs PR in the same way that PR needs ethics. Let’s celebrate and promote the great work PR has done to promote ethics and ethical issues across industries and cultures and all the work we are doing to prevent the proliferation of fakes news.

How you can get involved

Knowledge sharing

  • Send us your blogs and case studies about ethical practice and the power of PR in ethical causes, focusing views on misinformation, malformation, disinformation and fake news.
  • Send us your insights on the latest ethical challenges or campaigns you are proud of in PR at #PowerofEthics


  • Take one ICCO’s or your national association’s training courses on ethics: 20% off throughout the #PowerofEthics
  • Organise an ethics awareness event at your agency, bringing attention to the Helsinki Declaration

Be an advocate!

In October 2017, ICCO associations were part of a project to define the 10-basic principles of ethical practice that PR professionals should hold themselves accountable to. We urge members that in addition to abiding by our Code Of Conduct, to also become a Helsinki Declaration Advocate.

#POWERofETHICS activities:

·         3rd September, 5pm UK time – launch #PowerofEthics 2019 with an online Global ICCO Community Twitter Chat with ICCO Ethics Chairman Christina Forsgard. Join the debate and shape the conversation.

·         10th September – PRCA Meet the Legal Editor, London

·         10th Septmeber – Power of Ethics Panel at MTL Marketing Conference, Helsinki

·         11th September – ICCO Ethics Conference: PR in an Era of Misinformation, Istanbul  

·         13th September – Ethics in PR Webinar – suitable for all experience levels, 20% discount for #powerofethics, Online

·         19th September PR Council Diversity Awards, New York

·         20th September Critical Issues of the Modern Workforce, New York

·         25TH September – Ethics Panel at PRCA National Conference, London

·         26th September – Purposeful Campaigns at ICCO Cannes Uncovered, London

·         10th October – Elements of Trust panel at ICCO Global Summit, Lisbon

·         Helsinki Declaration Advocates, we’re encouraging PR pros to revisit the ten principles and raise standards collectively by advocating them to colleagues and stakeholders

·         Follow Ethics Blogs being added throughout September

·         Join the conversation on Twitter using @iccopr #POWERofETHICS