How can I, or my PR business, help refugees fleeing Ukraine?


  1. Professional support of companies and individuals to fight misinformation being spread to justify the war.

If you are able to offer pro bono communications and PR services to support with the efforts in Ukraine or are able to offer paid work to Ukrainian PR practitioner refugees, then please contact explaining how you can help. We will pass on this information and coordinate your offer of support.

  1. Offer relocation scenario in Poland for those who are fighting to maintain their business capability outside of Ukraine.

If you have offices in Poland that can be used by Ukrainians who have fled, please contact Katarzyna Rudzik at , who will coordinate this offer to those in Poland requesting space.

Please contact Maxim Behar for coordination of office space and other support in Bulgaria, 

  1. Provide safety and care for individuals who decide to find refuge in neighboring countries

Finally, if you can offer space for refuge, shelter or financial support to Ukrainians in Poland, again please contact Katarzyna Rudzik

For Bulgaria, again please contact 

For Romania, contact Catalina Rousseau

How else can I oppose the war?

  1. Join in international sanctions against Russian business. Whilst we have dear friends and colleagues in Russia who are against the war, the sanctions are designed to weaken the Russian regime that is pursuing this war.