Company: Neosis
Job Title: Owner
Telephone: + 39 02 8310511
Address: Noesis srl, Via Savona 19 / A – 20144, Milan

Martin began his career in shipping as a marine insurance broker at Lloyds. Following a BA at Essex University and a Ph.D. at MIT, he taught for several years at the Universities of Harvard, Clark (USA), Essex (UK) and Turin (Italy) before taking up a post in the UK Treasury advising ministers on agricultural and trade policy. In 1991, he founded Noesis, MTI’s partner in Italy, which is one of the country’s leading PR companies. Expert in crisis management and issue management, he has advised clients in many areas of business including finance (American Express, Fidelity, M&G, Clerical Medical, Credit Suisse, Deutschebank), Energy and chemicals (Lyondell Basell, Solvay), Pharmaceuticals (Pfizer, Abbott, MSD, Novartis), Food and Beverage (Fratelli Beretta, Stock, Warsteiner, Bonduelle) and shipping (Navigazione Montanari, Augusta Offshore). Languages: English, Italian, French.