Trade Association: MPRSZ / HuPRA
PersonaR – Corporate Communication Consultancy
Job Title: Senior Consultant, Managing Director
Telephone: +36 3098 28996
Company Address:

Bécsi út 81


Hungary 1037


Andras is an MA qualified Senior Consultant & Communications Strategist.  His international career has been based upon a platform of dynamic & innovative reputation, corporate communication & public relations management that has delivered sustainable commercial results.
Andras is a content based strategist with a solid track record of developing highly creative communication strategies & plans for both the private, the public and the not-for-profit sectors. He is keen to build bespoke solutions with specific expertise across multiple sectors for large organisations, with an ability to deliver outstanding top & bottom line results.

Andras is the Hungarian PR Association ambassador to the international market, representing Hungary on the ICCO Board of Management.