Maxim Behar in Paris: ICCO is leading the changes in Global PR business 

Maxim Behar, President of the International Communications Consultancy Organisation (ICCO), was last week a leading speaker at the Public Reputation Lab held in Paris. The conference was organised by Syntec Conseil en Relations Publics (SYNTEC), the French public relations association, and was dedicated to the issue of reputation management in the world of social media.

More than 250 high-level professionals attended the event, representing the PR industry as well as French and international corporations.

Behar said: “ICCO has grown to be the most influential and most respected global PR community, and it is obvious that we took the lead in the enormous changes which our business has observed recently.”

“ICCO has recently launched a Committee on Innovations in PR Business, and we hope its report at the forthcoming board meeting in Athens will describe the modern trends in our business, which we will be happy to share with all our members. The Committee will also present at the ICCO Global Summit later this year, and the new criteria will provide a new benchmark for the international jury of the ICCO Global PR Awards,” Behar added.

SYNTEC President, Thierry Wellhoff said: “SYNTEC has been a very active ICCO member for decades and all French PR experts actively participate in the events organised by the international organisation. We were honoured to have the ICCO President at our conference in Paris. Over the past couple of years ICCO has become the true leader of change in our business globally and SYNTEC is a very dedicated member of ICCO”.

Behar also presented the prizes at the SYNTEC Annual Awards for PR achievement in the different categories.