Nitin Mantri – ICCO Global Summit 2019 Lisbon

ICCO Mid-Year Round Up with Elise Mitchell, ICCO President

Elise Mitchell, ICCO President provides a round up of all the newly latest member benefits, projects and events for 2019!

Highlights include

*NEW* ICCO Resource Library Launch – here

*Biggest Ever* Cannes Lions #HouseofPR ,  June 17th -21st here

*NEW* Agency Finder – coming soon!

#PowerofEthics – September 2019

ICCO Global Summit, 9th -10th October 2019


Arun & Damon

Elise and Andy

Christopher Graves speaks on being inducted into the ICCO Hall of Fame

Rob Flaherty invites you to the ICCO Global Summit Milan 2015