Taking Home Silver in the PR Olympics

Guest blog post by Kate Sloan and Leila Mountford, Silver Winners of Young PR Lions 2014

So we are completely and utterly over the moon to have won silver in the first ever Young Lions PR competition. It has been a once in a life time experience!


The competition was fierce, competing with the best in the world and having 24 hours to come up with a PR campaign to raise awareness of UNODC’s Blue Heart Campaign which fights against human trafficking.


Having to get an entire PR campaign summarised in 10 slides and 5 minutes is difficult to say the least. Luckily the UK competition, organised by the PRCA, had used the same format so we were well prepped and knew what we needed to deliver. Although we’re not sure we realised how intense spending 12 hours in a room with 15 other teams would be!


The entire experience was amazing but our highlight had to be presenting to the judges. Getting to bring our idea to life and show how passionate we were about it in front of such industry experts was incredible!


Also knowing that our campaign resonated with the judges is hugely rewarding, they described our work as follows…‘Their invigorating and passionate presentation was brilliantly insightful demonstrating a real understanding of the millennial audience. This led them to tapping into the audience’s passion of music, reviving the blues and playing on its heritage as a genre born out of slavery. They reached back into the past to create a positive mobilising campaign that was meaningful and purposeful”


We want to say thanks so much to the judges for taking the time to listen to us and also to the ICCO and PRCA for championing the Young PR Lions. We have loved every minute (even the 6am presentation run through) and are incredibly grateful we were given this chance!



Leila Mountford, Junior Copywriter
Weber Shandwick


Kate Sloan, Brand Strategist
Weber Shandwick