Next Generation PR World Cup – Nationals and Regionals

The Next-Generation PR World Cup is back!
National and Regional competitions are set to run from 18th July to 28th October, 2022.

Winners of the local and regional PR World Cup competitions will advance to the global finals (The ICCO Next-Gen PR World Cup) where they will compete with PR talent from all over the world.

Who can compete in the finals?

To qualify to compete in the finals, participants must have either won at the national/ regional level of the Next Generation PR World Cup competition or have been nominated by a national/ regional association through existing competitions and other merits.

Please note, participants must be 35-years-old or younger to compete.

When is the ICCO Next-Generation PR World Cup finals?

National and Regional competitions are currently running from 18th July to 28th October. The deadline for teams to be submitted into the finals is 31st October, 2022. The finals will run from 7th – 10th November.

To find out about PR World Cup national and regional rounds happening in your country or region please ask your local PR association or contact ICCO directly at

Here are some additional resources to learn more about last year’s inaugural ICCO Next Generation Competition:
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For more details about the global competition scheduled for 7th – 10th November, including the eligibility criteria, competition format and submission guidelines, click the link below.

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