Revealed: how much marketers spend on social media influencer campaigns

Article by Lubna Hamdan for arabian BUSINESS

Around 43 percent of marketers spend up to $10,000 per social media influencer campaign, with 63 percent claiming fees requested by social media influencers are ‘reasonable’, according to data from a new survey.

The BPG Cohn & Wolfe Influencers Survey, in association with YouGov, showed that almost half (49 percent) of those polled currently work with social media influencers in the region to market their brand.

It also claimed that 94 percent of in-house marketers in the UAE believe social media influencer marketing plays a major role in the success of their brands.

The survey questioned over 100 in-house marketing and communication experts and brand managers across a range of industries in the UAE.

The majority of brand managers surveyed said influencer marketing allowed them to tap into the digital community and reach their target audience more effectively, resulting in good marketing return on investment (ROI).

BPG Cohn & Wolfe is the public relations arm of the BPG Group marketing communication house. Group chief executive Avi Bhojani said the survey shows brands are using social influencers to tell their stories in new and creative ways in what seems to be a highly competitive industry.

Moreover, 39 percent of brands said key factors for choosing the right influencer for their campaign included a large following and appealing content. But 55 percent said their biggest challenge when picking influencers was finding relevant ones that relate to the brands. 41 percent said negotiating terms and conditions was also a major concern, while 39 percent claimed communication during an assignment was also a challenge.

The survey revealed most influencers expect to be compensated based on the number of deliverables such as posts, images and videos, rather than the success of a campaign through measurable results including sales and website visits. However, only six per cent of marketers said they compensated influencers based on such results or Cost Per Acquisition (CPA).

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