Trade Association: ZOJ Chamber of Public Relations
Company: SPEM Communication group
Job Title: Director
Company Address:
Ulica skofa Maksimilijana Drzecnika 6
2000 Maribor

Božidar Novak is Slovene entrepreneur, writer, and a leading crisis communications and PR international consultant. An experienced author whose books include: Lobbying is Hot, Crisis Communication and Issue Management, How to Win Elections, Political Marketing, Capital, and the Selected Poems of Charles Simic (American poet who was the Library of Congress’s 15th Poet Laureate Consultant in Poetry, Bozidar is a well respected international writer. A founding member (1986) of SPEM, the leading Slovene company for strategic communications, Božidar Novak has participated in nearly 1000 projects, including working with the likes of Google, Nokia, McDonalds, Coca Cola, Luka Koper and Lukoil, in over 20 countries. Under his guidance, SPEM received several awards, including the UN award in Chicago and the International Public Relations Association Award in Tokyo. In 2008 SPEM founded Creative Industries Investment Fund. He has attended the Harvard Business School (OPM 43). In addition to his extensive business and financial connections, Božidar is also a certified military and sport parashooter as well as a snow and water kiter. In 2012 and 2013, Media ranked Božidar as among the hundred most influential Slovenians.