Developed through a collaboration between Creative Culture’s network of over 2,000

cultural experts in 110 countries and ICCO’s network of over 3,000 agencies across 66 countries.


Melanie Chevalier, CEO, Creative Culture writes:

In the globalised world of PR, it can sometimes be difficult to navigate

different business and cultural environments. This handbook will provide PR

practitioners around the world with key information for

conducting international business; highlighting the extremely

important, but often overlooked, details that will help your

business relationships with foreign stakeholders run smoothly.


In a globalised world, a one-size-fits-all approach won’t get

you anywhere. To ensure success, you’ll need to spend time

getting to know your local audiences – such as their

environment (political, cultural, social and economic), and their

likes and dislikes, for example, in order to understand what works

and what doesn’t. The latter, in many ways, is often more important.


Global communications are littered with examples of cultural

blunders, which in many cases, have led to damaging years

of crisis management and brand re-building. Knowing how to

position and communicate around a brand, product or service, in

a way that is understood by the target audience, is vital to success.

However great your USP or message appears to be, it

doesn’t necessarily always cross boundaries in the same

way. First, you need to understand the international

challenges and devise a strategy to overcome these.

Then you need to decide which channels to use. Where

does the local audience watch, listen or consume media, and

how is that particular media landscape structured? These

answers will, no doubt, differ from market to market.


Demand ICCO’s members, spread across 66 different countries,

have galvanised the production of this unique handbook, bringing together both the

key information you need to understand each market’s political,

linguistic and cultural nuances, as well as examples of recent

campaigns that have demonstrated a good understanding and

articulation of communication requirements for key markets.


Creative Culture, working with ICCO’s network and our own network of over 2,000

cultural experts in 110 countries, and utilising our 10 years

of experience in advising, developing and managing

communication strategies for a wide-ranging group of brands,

we hereby present essential information on 61 countries.


The information within is easy to navigate and designed to

provide the essential, top line, level of knowledge for each market.

The handbook is constantly updated to remain current,

in light of ever-changing political and media landscapes.

In some instances, you may require deeper and more bespoke

intelligence into a market, sector and/or culture. If

this is the case, we can provide this tailored insight,

with fast turnaround, and in-the-moment knowledge,

through our expertise both centrally and locally.

Please contact us or ICCO so we can understand

the exact and bespoke insight that you require.

We hope you find this handbook useful and please

let us know if there is anything else you would like

to see included or amended in the following issues.