New C² Association unites Belgian Communication Community

BPRCA (the Belgian association of communication consultants) and 3C (the Belgian association of communication professionals) announce today that they would be joining forces in a new association called C² (C Square), which stands for “communications community”.  This means that 3C and BPRCA will cease to exist and will merge into a new association that is open to all communication professionals and agencies.

Commenting on the merger, Emmanuel Goedseels, current chairman of BPRCA, said: “C² is not just the sum of adding 3C and BPRCA together. It’s much more than that. C² will be an association that is open to large and small communication agencies and self-employed communication providers, as well as communication professionals from large companies, SMEs, non-profit organisations (NGOs, hospitals, health funds, etc.), plus political parties or unions. Our aim is to create an open community that represents everyone who works in communication in Belgium. C² will promote their interests with and through specific committees.  The communication agencies will set up the first of these committees, operating under the name of “Consultancies”.

Kris Poté, current chairman of 3C, added: “Naturally C² will also offer its members services that will enable them to optimise the professional quality of the work they do. At the same time, C² will provide a platform for communication specialists to exchange thoughts with one another in a whole range of different ways. They will also be able to come up with recommendations and offer support. Finally, we will be seeking to ensure compliance with and further develop the codes of ethics specific to the communication industry.

The Boards of Directors at both 3C and BPRCA have approved the new articles of association, the new logo (developed by Hoet & Hoet Agency, Brandsetters), and have now given the green light for the completion of all the administrative and statutory obligations required to formally establish C². This work will be carried out during 2017.


More information

Emmanuel Goedseels – – +32/495/54 41 07

Kris Poté – – +32/497/05 36 96


BPRCA (Belgian Public Relations Consultants Association) groups PR agencies that have extensive expertise and a wealth of experience in providing strategic communication advice and in putting this advice into practice as part of communication programmes. They are responsible for implementing and guiding strategic communication plans for various business, social or institutional sectors, as well as for national and multinational organisations and institutions, both in Belgium and abroad.

About 3C

3C – Corporate Communications Community – represents and promotes the interests of people who work in corporate communication. Internally, the aim of the association is to improve the overall quality of the industry by providing corporate communication professionals with a social network and platform for exchanging knowledge, advice and support. Externally, the aim with regard to the business world and the general public is to explain the importance of corporate communication in business and to give corporate communication the credibility it deserves.