ICCO welcomes new leadership team


The International Communications Consultancy Organisation (ICCO) has welcomed a new leadership team. ICCO has appointed Elise Mitchell as its new President, who will be supported by new Vice-President Nitin Mantri.

Elise is recognised as one of the USA’s top strategic communications and public relations professionals. She leads Mitchell Communications Group, which has achieved over 400% growth in the past four years, gaining the position of a Top 50 national PR firm. Elise previously held the role of Vice-President of ICCO, which she held since 2015.

Elise replaces Maxim Behar, who became ICCO President in 2015.

Nitin is CEO and Business Partner at Avian Media and the Co-founder of Chase India, a public policy and regulatory affairs firm. He is also the President of the Public Relations Consultants Association of India (PRCAI).

Francis Ingham, ICCO Chief Executive, welcomed the announcement:

“It is a great pleasure to welcome Elise as ICCO’s new President for the next two years; and to welcome Nitin as her successor for the years 2019-2021.

“ICCO is a truly international organisation, representing over 2,500 PR agencies based in 55 countries. That internationalism is reflected in its leadership, with an Executive Committee drawn from eight different countries.

“Each new President decides on their own priorities, and Elise and Nitin will be no exceptions. What unites them all however is their determination always to increase ICCO’s influence, authority, and services to our members.

“I know I speak for the whole of ICCO when I thank Maxim for the unparalleled style, professionalism, and enthusiasm he has shown over the past two years as President. It has been a unique pleasure to have worked with him so closely.”

Elise Mitchell added:

“Maxim has been a tireless advocate for ICCO for many years, but never more so than while serving as President. One of his most important contributions over the past two years has been spearheading a significant expansion of our membership. He has been and will continue to be a great ambassador for the organisation.

“Nitin is a highly regarded leader in our industry. He has made great contributions to ICCO, and will have an even greater impact as Vice-President. I am delighted to serve alongside him.

“I am honoured to serve as President of ICCO and look forward to working with industry leaders globally to advance our profession and help our members innovate, engage, and evolve in a transformational world.”

Maxim Behar said:
“ICCO is now the largest, the most influential, and without doubt the leading global PR organisation. The change is tremendous and during this hard work over the past two years I received fantastic support from Elise and the whole Board. A lot of new projects have begun and numerous new members have joined ICCO. Now we are much stronger and much more convinced that the organisation is on the right track towards huge development.

“Elise Mitchell is a professional with great managerial experience and I am sure under her leadership ICCO will have the same speed of growth and will keep steady its leading role in the world. I am also happy that Nitin Mantri will join the team and will support Elise in leading ICCO to greater successes.”

Nitin Mantri said:

“ICCO over the years has become a powerful international association that is binding the PR fraternity across continents. Maxim has worked with great vigour to realise ICCO’s vision and working with him has been an enriching experience. I congratulate Elise on her new role. With her at helm, I look forward to support her and implement various initiatives to achieve ICCO’s objectives.”

About ICCO:

The International Communications Consultancy Organisation (ICCO) is the voice of public relations consultancies around the world. The ICCO membership comprises national trade associations operating in 54 countries across the globe in Europe, Africa, Asia, the Middle East, the Americas and Australasia, as well as agencies and networks with an international agenda. Collectively, these associations represent over 2,500 PR firms.