ICCO CMS Certification testimonial

Testimonial from Alexandra Fuchs, CEO at Fink & Fuchs AG
Website: www.finkfuchs.de 

In one sentence, why did you pursue CMS certification?
We have been certified according to CMS because we are convinced that high and consistent quality and thus economic success are only possible on the basis of stringent and transparent processes.

Why do we need an international quality label like CMS for agencies at all?
Our market is very fragmented and sometimes confusing. A generally valid and binding quality seal provides the necessary orientation and order in the search for the best partner. I am also convinced that this will strengthen competition and further increase quality in our market.

What exactly did the certification of your agency bring?
Our customers think this is great and expect a high degree of management competence and structure from us in their daily cooperation. As an organization, we have made our teams much more efficient and powerful. However, we have also noticed that young people in particular demand binding processes. This provides security and supports working on the same understanding of quality.

Why do you recommend other colleagues to tackle CMS certification for their agency?
With the seal of approval, you make the difference in the market and learn a lot about your own organization.

To what extent does the CMS label benefit you in acquisition?
Customers rely on this, as they themselves are usually bound by high quality guidelines. In some cases, proof is even required in tenders.

What influence does a label have on the effect on the inside – on your employees?
It motivates all employees to work together on a quality goal.

What wish do you have for the further development of the CMS?
What is missing today? We urgently need generally applicable standards for the further qualification of our young industry talent. This should be taken into account more comprehensively in the CMS. But also how to make the advice more comparable to one about the standard. At least to some extent.