Hungary wins Young Lions PR competition 2017


Hungary has won the Gold Prize in the 2017 Young Lions PR competition, after presenting their winning campaign within 24 hours of receiving the brief.


The Hungarian team of Luca Hadnagy and Paloma Medina from HPS Experience won the gold prize. The silver prize was handed to the UK team of Jack Davy and Ottilie Ratcliffe from The Romans; and the Costa Rica team of Christian Gomez and Estefani Solorzano from Comunidad De Empresas De Comunicacion De CR won the bronze prize.

The Young Lions PR competition, organised by the ICCO, seeks to discover and celebrate the leading young creative PR team in the world. Twenty two (22) teams of two competed for the coveted title in Cannes after local competitions and elimination rounds, in their own country. These initial rounds of competition were set up by local Cannes Lions representatives.

The competitors had 24 hours to prepare their campaigns. The Hungarian team’s campaign will go on to inspire the next British Red Cross campaign.

On Saturday, the British Red Cross provided a campaign brief to the Young Lions PR competitors at the Cannes Lions Festival of Creativity, with a focus on supporting and raising awareness of ‘silent emergencies’.

A ‘silent emergency’ represents the 9 out of 10 serious emergencies happening every day that never make the headlines, and include major humanitarian disasters, floods, food shortages, etc.

Francis Ingham, Chief Executive, ICCO, said: “The work from the Hungarian team was excellent, as was all of the work from the finalists. ICCO is always very proud to make the Young Lions PR competition happen.


“And, speaking as a Brit, it’s awesome news that we won silver this year and let’s go for gold next year!”