Two PR industry leaders honored with Hall of Fame in Turkey

The Communication Consultancies Association of Turkey (İDA), aimed at accelerating efforts to improve the perspective of the public relations profession and to enhance the discipline, has introduced the IDA “Hall of Fame”, based on the ICCO Hall of Fame. The first industry leaders to be inducted into the İDA Hall of Fame are Meral Saçkan and Salim Kadıbeşegil, following a ceremony on April 4th.

A number of senior executives from the business community, representatives of leading non-governmental organisations in the communications sector, and academics participated in the İDA Hall of Fame ceremony, as well as İDA Board of Directors, the Chairpersons and Vice-Chairpersons of the member companies.

İDA President Ergun Gümrah said: “It is significant for everyone to be recognized when alive. We attach importance to the Hall of Fame not only for appreciating the value of these people but also for inspiring their colleagues for similar achievements. This ceremony is also a sign of respect for our profession, maintained by many companies in Turkey at international standards. ”

Meral Saçkan, Founder and Chairperson of MPR Communication Consultancy, is one of the five founding members of PRCI / ICCO – Turkey and also the first president of İDA. Saçkan, regards the discipline of public relations in Turkey as the secret weapon of marketing communications. Being one of the forerunners of ‘Marketing PR’, Sackan is among the ‘pioneers’ of the industry through her contribution to the establishment of international professional and ethical standards in our country, application of international measurement criteria, development of national professional organizations and the academic world.

Salim Kadıbeşegil, the founder of the ORSA, understood orientation of the global communication industry; helped the industry recognize international service standards and played a leading role in this field in Turkey. Kadıbeşegil introduced the method that represents the “strategic communication” concept as a discipline in the communications sector and adopted the “reputation management” approach to the business world. Kadıbeşegil, who made great efforts for the establishment of the PRCI and then İDA, continues to contribute to the sector with his articles and practices.

The ICCO Hall of Fame was launched at the ICCO Global Summit Berlin in 2003. Honorable individuals who contribute to the development of PR discipline and enhancement of its reputation in Turkey through their achievements, while inspiring PR professionals and playing an important role in development of the sector in international and local level are inducted into İDA Hall of Fame. The inductees are determined after evaluation of the İDA Board of Directors based on Hall of Fame criteria. The tradition started with the “Honorary Prize” submitted to Betül Mardin and Alaeddin Asna in the 10th Anniversary Ceremony of İDA; and will continue with the Hall of Fame body as of this year.


About Communication Consultancies Association of Turkey (İDA)

Representing the companies in Communications Consultancy sector and bringing the leading companies of the sector together, the Communication Consultancies Association of Turkey (İDA) is the Turkey branch of the International Communications Consultancy Organisation (ICCO). The aim of Communication Consultancies Association of Turkey (İDA) is improving, expanding and increasing the reputation of the public relations sector which the member companies operate in; increasing awareness in the sector against unfair competition, informal activities and unethical acts; ensuring that the companies receiving service from the sector to have access to accurate information about the sector; and ensuring that the members act jointly without damaging their solidarity and competitive environment while facing the problems of the profession and the market, to set an example by observing the international service standards and codes of conduct, and to increase their service quality by increasing their professional performance and management skills.


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