Postcard from Lisbon: Emma Hopkinson, Cision

Emma Hopkinson, Vice President – Insights, Cision gives her thoughts on her productive week at the ICCO Global Summit in a mostly sunny Lisbon

The ICCO Global Summit was a valuable forum to exchange views and ideas with industry leaders, particularly regarding how we evolve as an industry as the media landscape continues to change. I was invited to take part in a panel exploring how we can use Insight to respond to the challenges faced by the communications industry with a focus on better strategy, higher standards and the application of appropriate data. It was an enlightening discussion with interesting observations about the balance between automated and human-driven insights, how we use insight to influence day to day decision making, the ways we can apply data to fuel better strategies and the most appropriate methods to report back on the impact of PR activity. There were a lot of other inspiring sessions throughout then conference with innovative thinking regarding the emerging and the unresolved issues faced by our industry. I left with new perspectives and fresh ideas.