Paris: Letter from the ICCO President

To my dear friends in Syntec Conseil en Relations Publics,

Please accept our deep sorrow and condolences on the tragic events in Paris.

All ICCO Board members, all PR experts, advisors and professionals in the world are with you at this difficult for democracy.

We do express our deep condemnation of all kinds of terror, and reaffirm our belief that people all around the world will join us in this.

This is an attack not only on Paris and not only on France, but also on our democratic values; on the right to live free and creatively; to advance the progress of humanity.

Our business – public relations – has a very special role in building and maintaining those democratic values. With our message, with our creative job and pro-active ideas we touch the hearts and brains of billions of people. That’s why we do have enormous power and thousands of tools to convince humanity of its right to live freely and independently.

Be sure that in ICCO we will use all means, influence and authority we have publicly to condemn terrorism, and to explain how strong and convinced we are defending the democratic values of our societies.

Please, convey again to all of our friends in France our deep sorrow at the events in Paris, and assure them that all ICCO members are with them in this unbelievably challenging time for all lovers of democracy around the world.



Maxim Behar
ICCO President