New ICCO networks to influence misinformation regulation

➢ New structure

➢ New opportunities

➢ More impact

ICCO has been forging close relationships with institutions to enable our members to impact regulation and create dialogue with big tech and businesses on issues like misinformation and media literacy.

Call for leaders and contributors

The following groups will act as the global PR industry voice to institutions of power like the Council of Europe and the UN. We are looking for specialists to lead but also global representation from all our members.

These groups will create recommendations, tools, and standards to collectively change the behaviour of the businesses we advise. Kick off meetings will be used to outline specific objectives.

1. Freedom of Media and Freedom of Expression

Areas of impact: misinformation in all its forms, social media regulation and standards – transparency of sources, power to silence, accuracy standards, data usage transparency, consumer rights, supporting and protecting accurate journalism, hate speech and decency standards.

First meeting: Tuesday 9th February at 16:30 GMT

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2. Digital Media Education

Areas of impact: Education for professions that work with media (including PR) on the latest definitions and practices. Education for vulnerable groups (children and elderly) on identifying inaccurate and unreliable sources of information.

First meeting: Thursday 11th February, 16:00 GMT

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3. Artificial Intelligence

Areas of impact: Working with tech companies to scrutinise implications and unintended consequences of AI to protect media consumers e.g. algorithms, facial recognition, privacy, microtargeting, psychological profiling.

First meeting: Wednesday 10th February, 16:30 GMT

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Groups will meet online as frequently as necessary to meet objectives and achieve tangible outputs in a timely manner.

For each of these topics, we have already secured seats on the equivalent Media Reform Specialist Committees in the Council of Europe and the above groups’ view will be represented in Strasbourg.

This is just the beginning as ICCO begins to expand it’s relationships with global institutions that need an input of PR industry knowledge and expertise.