Laura Boldrini, President of the Chamber of Deputies of Italy awarded with the Assorel 'Career Award'

Rome, March 2017 – The President of the Chamber of Deputies of Italy, Laura Boldrini, met Assorel’s delegation, which awarded her with the ‘Career Award’. The Association acknowledges the commitment and consistency shown by the President in underscoring the social function of communication, which is to support people in difficulty. She has successfully drawn the attention of governments worldwide to highly critical topics, such as the right to access food, defence of refugees, management of migratory flows and equal opportunities for men and women.

“Communication is effective when you place your interlocutor in the shoes of the subject, whose needs you represent. Regarding the refugee emergency and immigration, our Country is experiencing it with a feeling of insecurity that is not justified by data. Fear must be respected but there are people who fuel it with instrumental propaganda”, said Laura Boldrini during the interview with Filomena Rosato, President of Assorel.

The meeting offered the opportunity to discuss the topics of ethics and ‘fake news’ disseminated by companies, institutions and communicators, or news that is misreported during the journalistic information process. President Boldrini has repeatedly requested media to accept their responsibilities underlining the role of professional communicators and PR firms. The trend topic #bastabufale (stop fake news) launched by Laura Boldrini and supported by Assorel has collected 18,000 signatures in one week, to make citizens aware of the problem and to provide them with the tools required to take action.

“We wish to thank President Boldrini for having invited Assorel in supporting her presidency on such crucial social, cultural and political topics”, said Filomena Rosato, President of Assorel. “It is an important sign for institutions to acknowledge the growing importance of corporate communication for civil society and social relations, an encouragement for specialised professionals to ensure professional reliability and transparency.”

Assorel has confirmed its commitment to involve communicators, in partnership with the media, to uphold the principles of transparency and correct information, and thus promote the interests of both professionals and the market. Moreover, it has also emphasised that a specialised association can become a key player in defending the profession’s culture, backed by the world of information, schools, universities, social networks and companies in following a common practical approach to this urgent topic.

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